Danny Sam for Women Sydney Escort

Name: Danny Sam

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 70kg

Phone: 0470655694

Website: http://indusmassagesyd.wix.com/sensualmassage

Sydney masseur for women

Indus Massage Down Under
The Best Sensual/ Erotic/ Tantric Massage for Women at doorstep.
It's all about the journey.
Sensual massage allows women to shed the layers of repression and judgment that has often left women disconnected from their natural states of being. A state of divine sensuality in which a woman can stand in her own power and feel completely comfortable in her own skin. So close your eyes, turn off your mind, unburden your body, embrace your femininity and sensuality, and open yourself up to full body bliss. Enter a realm where your daily stress is relieved and your feminine energy released. Heighten your senses and enjoy being totally pampered head to toe with the kind caring touch you deserve.
Check website for more details: http://indusmassagesyd.wix.com/sensualmassage
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